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 Cultivation V (135) Guide

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PostSubject: Cultivation V (135) Guide   Cultivation V (135) Guide I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 30, 2009 2:42 am

Level 135 - Last Cultivation Quest

NOTE: Items/NPC's names may not be the same in different version of server (this is Based on ZX Malaysia)

When you reach the level of 135, you'll receive a quest in your quest list (Q).
Then, go look for your School Emissary and after that, you will be asked to look for Xuanyuan Master at Heyang City (Celestial Temple)..
There are total of 4 missions.

Items needed for these quests:
5 Flying Phylacteries

Mission 1 ( Use Flying Phylacteries to save those locations first, then tele from NPC to NPC,or else you can't make it in time)
You will be asked to talk to 6 NPCs within 10 minutes.
1) Xiaoxia (140 -431)
2) Armillary Sphere (277 163)
3) General Jiheng (106 400)

1) Aigret Hill King (419 -198)
2) Soul Evil (-12 20)
3) Ghost Raksasa (-13 -181)

Mission 2 (Wear a +DMG necklace if you got one)
You are required to collect 49 Black Bamboo in Azure Cloud. This should take some time.

Mission 3 (Party mode)
1st, Get the Quest from Xuanyuan Master, then, Go to Wind Mountain at Kunlun to kill the boss in 15 minutes.
Boss has lots of HP. If you are free you can go try out yourself, which means the boss is there all the time.
Recommended, if you aren't too sure, take the quest, find the boss, let the quest fail, keep fighting, then when left about 10% (see as u fit),
go back to Xuanyuan Master, take the quest and then fly/tele back to kill. Please go in party.

Mission 4 (This is where you need/spam your Immortal Pills)
Last mission! The moment you accept this mission, you will be teleported to the boss area.
Your task is to be alive at the end of 10 minutes.
Last boss has bleeding and another skill that I dont know the name of it. He can hit about 85% of your HP.
So please do all your buff/blessings EXCEPT for HP buffs.
Adviced to remove all EQs that adds HP to prevent using more HP pots. Boss has ranged atacks, so remember to keep potting.

Here's the Boss
Cultivation V (135) Guide Anhsonet_4425_2972009235128757_b

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Cultivation V (135) Guide
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