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 Paraselene Cave Quest

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PostSubject: Paraselene Cave Quest   Paraselene Cave Quest I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 2:13 am

You can do the quest 5x a week, 1 per day, each day has a specific class/school and npc to talk too, it also appears in the system announcement.

Reward: 35 Taichi Elixirs Pills. and a random item (either the talisman pieces or the mage stone you get from fishing).
[Collect 12 Pieces of that talisman pieces to produce your own school talisman (Level 135)].

--Must be Level 125 and above..
--A party consist of 5-6 members..
--1 Ghost witch party member who has a Soul burn skill..
--Party Leader must be the class with the quest.[*See the Schedule Below]

Wednesday = Ghost King
Thursday = Azure Cloud
Friday = Heaven Sound
Saturday = Bonding Bliss
Sunday = Ghost Witch

Note: NPC's in the Demonized Disciples spots have different names (Guardian, Executioner, Protector Etc.) So in this Guide we'll just call them Demonized NPC.

Here's what you should do.
1.) Go to ur School Representative and get the Demon Ritious Quest.

2.) Go to the place wherein the Demonized Disciples Respawn [*Refer to the List Below] and talk to the Demonized NPC in that particular area. It'll ask u to kill 10 Demonized Disciples.

3.) Kill 10 Demonize Disciples.

4.) Once you have finish killing the Demonized Disciples, talk again to the Demonized NPC and pass the quest..You'll get 5 taichi elixirs..Then a new quest will appear. [Get that Quest.]
All in the party should finish the Demon Ritious Quest so the new quest will appear.

5.) This is the Evil Air Quest, proceed now with your party to Azure Cloud [Paraselene Cave (Go Inside the Cave)] and Kill 5 Evil Air Towers. (you need GW for this that has Soul Burn Skill) or if you dont have GW get ready for some potions cause this monster really hurts.
Once you finish killing 5 Evil Air Towers, Go back and talk to the Demonized NPC with your party and pass the quest.
6.) You'ill get 30 taichi and a random item as a reward (either the talisman pieces or the mage stone you get from fishing).

All other school is basically the same, just go to your school representative.

--Heaven Sound representative is located in Heaven Sound [Fa Xiang] (-149 -121),
----and the Demonized NPC and Disciples is located in Red Cloud Temple (-316 391).
Heaven Sound Representative [Fa Xiang]
Paraselene Cave Quest FAXIANG
HS-Demonized NPC [ Heaven Sound Temple Guardian]

Paraselene Cave Quest HSPRO

--[b]Ghost Witch
representative is Located in Death Swamp [Mr. Ghost] (9 -81),
----and the Demonized NPC and Disciples is located in the left side of the MAP (-220 -345).
Ghost Witch Representative [Mr. Ghost]
Paraselene Cave Quest MRGHOST
GW-Demonized NPC [Ghost Road, Penalties Are]

Paraselene Cave Quest Gwdemon

--Ghost King representative is Located in Heyang City [Azure Dragon] (94 141),
----and the Demonized NPC and Disciples is located near the Gate going to Sura MAP (-336 426).
Ghost King Representative [Azure Dragon]
Paraselene Cave Quest AzureDragon
GK-Demonized NPC [Ghost King Sect Executioner]

Paraselene Cave Quest GKEXO

--Azure Cloud representative is in Azure Cloud [Xiao Yicai] (122 230) ,
----and the Demonized NPC and Disciples is located Near the River going to HYC (-154 265).
Azure Cloud Representative [Xiao Yicai]
Paraselene Cave Quest ACrepjpg
AC-Demonized NPC [Azure Cloud Sword Protector]

Paraselene Cave Quest ACPROCjpg

--Bonding Bliss representative is located in [Heyang City [Youji] (94 141),
----and the Demonized NPC and Disciples is located in Torrent Mountain (-295 -214).
Bonding Bliss Representative [Youji]
Paraselene Cave Quest Youji
BB-Demonized NPC [ Bonding Bliss School Executer]

Paraselene Cave Quest BBprocjpg

Pictures of those 135 School Talisman can be found HERE

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Paraselene Cave Quest
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