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 Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide

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Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide Empty
PostSubject: Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide   Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 3:36 am

What is this about:

Every 5 hours you will see a world chat announcing their arrival
They give a LOT of xp and this is specially awesome with double xp.

How many messages you see represents in how many channels you will find them.
The elite mobs come in 2 rounds. Round 2 is spawned based on how close/ farther away the last maintenance has been. They start from spawning almost right after Round 1 (in the day which was maintenance of server) and increases up to 2 hours.
Snowman spawns 20 minutes AFTER round 2.

Example: you see 3 messages = 3 channels with corrupts(elite mobs)

REMEMBER: the channels are ALWAYS random and they spawn in ALL maps (except AC map)
If channel 2 IV map has corrupts it means ALL maps in channel 2 have them.

Since it's not hard to lvl 1-90 I will only post for maps starting with Incense valley and ending with Shura.

Use and get a Free Lunch pet with Bleed skill on. Like this you need only 4 Minutes to kill 1 corrupt. less pot and more corrupts to find and kill.

Round 1 - Green
Round2 - Blue
Snowman Path - Red

I left the name of the special mobs out because I do not know how they are called here and for less confusion.

Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide Ivcorruptszxcopy-1
South Boundary
Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide Sbcorruptszx-1
Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide Kunluncorruptszx-1
Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide Shuracorruptszx-1

Click The Images to Enlarge

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Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide SkullsigaJule
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Elite Mobs [corrupts + SnowMan ] Guide
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