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 New Items for November 2009

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New Items for November 2009 Empty
PostSubject: New Items for November 2009   New Items for November 2009 I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 05, 2009 8:40 am

New Items for November 2009 Novemberpatch2k9
New updates and fresh items never stop in ZXOnline!

Expect the unexpected item!

Got nothing to wear for your character?

Need more mounts for your character to ride on?

D’you want to soar up in the skies?

Then this patch is definitely for you!

First off - one of the awesome lottery item - Pastel Cloud

Here’s what you can get from this item:

New Items for November 2009 Jadetransport
Jade Transport

Well, personally, boys like the flying swords. And this time, the new flying transportation is nothing like the other flying swords - I like it when it glows! If you’re lucky enough, this is the first prize~

New Items for November 2009 Mumupet
Mumu Pet

Yes I know! It’s suppose to be a Halloween for most, but hey, for us Filipinos, we acknowledge it more during the first and second of November right? Make sure you have enough Magic Beans for this mysterious pet - because it will transform into a sexy white lady. You’ll get this one for 2nd prize. Hmm… maybe this pet was intended for the Ghost Witchery? Because it does look like the Daemon Stance~ :P

And for the rest:

3rd Prize - Treasure Collecting Basin / Manitou Treasure Mystic Dust
4th Prize - Flying Phylactery

But wait! There’s another lottery item! *faints*

We hence call the second one as Wolf Totem… and here’s why: