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PostSubject: [Guide] SCALLOPS   [Guide] SCALLOPS I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 19, 2009 3:45 pm

First of all, where and how can you get scallops? You might ask.

Scallop is an item that you can obtain from fishing contest at torrent everyday from 18:00 to 19:00 (Must be atleast Lvl 45)
[Guide] SCALLOPS Scallop<--- Right-click/Double-click to use.

It is a consumable and non-tradeable item which when used, will activate a QUEST for you.

Note: You can only do one scallop quest at a time.

There are 5 types of Quests you can get from scallops:

(Ranked from easiest to hardest in my opinion)

1. Pearl or Pearl Powder

2. Gambling ToolKit (Heaven Sound)

3. Burn Four Towers (Torrent)

4. Magic Traveller (Torrent)

5. Key of Ghost Doctor (Dead Swamp)

What are the rewards in doing scallop quests?

- Decent EXP depending on your level range
- Fishing Manuals (you exchange w/ travelling fisherman at Heyang City for a Title)
- Other Manuals/Proofs depending on the type of quest (also can be exchanged for a title)

For the quest guide in each type, here they are:


If you are after EXP right away, you'd wish you will be lucky to get this very often.
The quest is completed already without you even doing anything yet. Smile


- Pearl
- Fishing Manual

Now what will you do with the pearl? Well, you might just want to collect them over time until you get 10 pcs.

Then go to Torrent (-326, 103) and look for the "Large Iron Pot" and click it. You will then obtain "Pearl Powder" for each Pearl. Smile

[Guide] SCALLOPS PearlPowder

Once you have obtained 10 Pearl Powders, go to Heaven Sound Map->Eight Immortal Restaurant and exchange them with LUST NPC.

[Guide] SCALLOPS LustNPC-PearlQuest

You will then obtain 10 pcs "Playboy's Super Esoterice" item for 10 Pearl powders. Then you exchange them again to Lust NPC for a new title. Immediately, your name will be announced to the "whole world" Laughing
[Guide] SCALLOPS LustNPCTitlereward


As the quest title goes, you have the option here to "gamble" or not... literally. You may just drop the quest if you do not want to proceed but you still get a Fishing Manual if you do drop it.

Once you obtain this quest, you will receive a "gambling tool" or a DICE item.
[Guide] SCALLOPS Gamblingkit1

If you really want to do this, go to Heaven Sound Map->Eight Immortal Restaurant and look for the "Money" NPC.
[Guide] SCALLOPS Gamblingkit2

Read CAREFULLY. It will ask you to give 10 Golds. If you lose, your 10G is gone. If you win, then you earn 10G more as simple as that.

It's a 50/50 chance. You choose from a LOW number (1 to 3) or a HIGH number (4 to 6). Yes, that's the use of your DICE item. hi
[Guide] SCALLOPS Gamblingkit3

The system will automatically tell you if you succeeded or not.
[Guide] SCALLOPS Gamblingkit4<--we won! ❤

Rewards if you WIN:

- 10 Golds
- Gambling Manual (you can also exchange later for a title if you collected 10 of this)
- Fishing Manual

If you LOSE:

- Gambling Manual
- You are 10 Golds poorer,


For this one, you will obtain an item called "Fire Fold".

Go to Torrent->Small Pool Town and look for "Zhu-Ge Yi" (-207, 157)

The NPC then tells you to go and burn/destroy Four(4) towers along the beach of Torrent Map (to burn is to simply click those towers and wait for the progress bar to finish). They are located at these coordinates:

1st Tower: 231 338
2nd Tower: 291 168
3rd Tower: 52 -24
4th Tower: -401 -190

[Guide] SCALLOPS 4towers


- You don't have to "burn" or click them in that order but i think the efficient way of doing it is in the order mentioned above (Top-Right then down to Low-Left).
- Also, if you do not find any tower in any of those coordinates, chances are other players might have gotten them ahead of you.
- It takes a little while to respawn, so you can just switch channels.
- Usually after the fishing contest, I noticed that lots of players seem to be doing this too. So you may just do it some other time of the day if you like.


- Fishing Manual
- Maniac Wine (Also exchanged at Heaven Sound->Eight Immortal Restaurant (need 10 pcs initially) for a title but this seems to be bugged right now.)


This one is similar to a Jumping Quest: Flag Pole so you will need here the speed skill called "Art of Qing Gong". To succeed, you need to obtain two(2) parts of travelling boots from two different locations at Torrent Map.

But first, go to "Zhou Yixian" NPC at Heyang to exchange the "Magic Traveller item" you obtained when the Quest was activated.

Next, go to Torrent Map->Abandoned Ferry and look for the turtle structure (427 181). Then, jump on top of the structure using AQG skill and go inside the "Tent" to get the 1st travelling boots' part.



Next, go to coordinates (31 -270) at Torrent Water Village and jump (spacebar) to a platform near a tree. You should see the flag pole from there.



Now this takes some skill, patience & again perseverance to execute. When you click the tip of the pole, you will have to time your jump using AQG speed skill and press "S" in-time as you drop to the exact TIP of the pole.




When done, go back to Zhou Yixian at HYC to get the rewards.


- Fishing Manual


This is a timed quest (3 hours) and the most difficult of all the scallop quests. Location: DEAD SWAMP.

Warning: I do not recommend this for characters lower than lvl 60. But if you insist, go and risk it. Very Happy


Remove all the cages of the pets of Ghost Doctor to be able for you to free them.

Pets can be found at these coordinates:

* Pet Snake of Ghost Doctor: 97 325
* Pet Fox of Ghost Doctor: 292 -325 (Demon Hillock location)
* Petman of Ghost Doctor: -304 -285 (Longevity Hall location)


The PET snake, which is the first to "Open Prison" in the quest, is the most difficult part because of aggressive monsters nearby. You will have to timely click the "CAGE" and hope the aggresive monster won't attack you or your progress status will be cancelled if you do get attacked.

TIP: If you have a friend or another character that can kill the aggresive monsters nearby so they won't bother you, by all means, do it Smile

Next, go to Pet Fox at Demon Hillock.

This one is quite easier to do because the "Unbeatable Poisonous Ant" is sometimes a little far from the "cage" to notice you.

After the cage is removed, you'll notice that there is no GREEN Flag on the Pet monster (unlike the Pet Snake). It really was meant to be so the next task is to go to the PetMan at these coordinates (-304 -285) located at Longevity Hall (atop a platform).

When you get there, just talk to the PetMan NPC even if it doesn't have a GREEN Flag as well.

Next, go back to the Pet Fox at Demon Hillock. You'll notice that it was again on a CAGE! So just release him again.

Then go back to the PetMan at Longevity Hall and you'll see now it has a green flag for the quest success.


Oops, not done yet! To complete the quest and get the rewards, go back to Ghost Doctor (grrr...)

REMINDERS: Do not lose the "Key" in your inventory. Do not forget to talk to the Pet NPCs after opening the cage.


- Certificate of the SMART (Now you know why it's difficult eh? Again, collect 10 pcs & exchange at HS Map->Eight Immortal Restaurant for a nice title)

Goodluck and have fun doing your scallop quests 8)
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