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 Using Taiyi Wheel Effectively

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Using Taiyi Wheel Effectively Empty
PostSubject: Using Taiyi Wheel Effectively   Using Taiyi Wheel Effectively I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2009 1:55 pm

For those who don't know how to use a Taiyi Wheel,
- It refreshes Refining Quests(White Quests)/Treasure hunting Quests(Orange Quests)/Killing-Demon Quests(Green Quests)(Quests Taken from Quest Admins in every town)

From Quest Admins, We take quests like refining which is important for leveling when you don't hav travelling quest or such.
Also, we take Treasure Hunting Quests(oooooo) where u can get quest items needed for family ranking or the yellow quest from Zhou Yixian(Treasure Hunting) to make a map.

Since these quests refresh after u finish quest from qst admin,
1 Quest Finished = Refresh 1 Quest (Note me if this is incorrect)
Based from my Experience

Well, this would be hard cuz u can only take a limit of 5 refining quest

These TAIYI WHEELS are a big help cuz it will refresh all quest on the list
which is easier than doing 5 refining quests

Using Taiyi Wheel for finding Treasure Hunt Quest:
Treasure Hunting Quests, the most important quest of em, will only appear by 2/30 Taiyi Wheels used chances

So, what maps do we get the quest item for Family Ranking or Treasure Hunting by Zhou Yixian or for such quests?

I think this would be random too
In Heaven Sound I got beauteous flower from the ORANGE QUESTS
and I think it depends on what class u are...

In Torrent I got an orange quest but the reward is a talisman accessory
so, orange quests do not usually give the same reward but it is in a random sequence.

Using Taiyi Wheel to Level Up:
Ok, tired of looking for THQs? Why don't level up instead...? LOL

So, we use taiyi wheel for effective level up(I mean much more effective cuz there's no easy way of leveling in ZX!!)

First we look at our level... I mean if you're 50+ u're much suited to level up at torrent robbers/girls
so find 5 refining quests for these if it's not five then, take them
then use a taiyi wheel to refresh the quest list and u should get
5 quests on killing torrent robbers/girls

So there's really now easy way of leveling in ZX but to use Moonlight Spirits or SIN
you could kill them in a convenient way(Drinkin coffee while killin em!! weee)
with these stuff


Do it in a "less convenient" way 8) -- Click>Skill>Pots

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Using Taiyi Wheel Effectively SkullsigaJule
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Using Taiyi Wheel Effectively
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