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 Territorial War System

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PostSubject: Territorial War System   Territorial War System I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2009 2:46 pm

Does not extinguish the day · to soar to the clouds the city.
Float above river Yangcheng Heaven day!
Does not extinguish the day · to soar to the clouds the city.
City of the ancient mystical sky, city of the quiet dangerous wonderful towering fairyland, shows disdain for city of the three Wang Zhe ……
Does not extinguish the day · to soar to the clouds the city.
The fog winds around, the tumultuous times beacon occurs repeatedly, Zhu Shenyi is helpless; In the reactionary reign of terror, attacks overtly and covertly the proliferation, the innumerable heroes compete bow ……
Territorial War System 1_0110
Territorial War System 1_0211

Background story:
Outside Qingyunshan the paraselenae cave mansion hides torn to pieces has executed the immortal ancient sword, executes the immortal ancient sword original body by no means.
But true executes the immortal ancient sword, hides outside the day the city – - does not extinguish the day in the fable · to soar to the clouds in the city. Soars to the clouds the city is war’s of the antiquity numerous god city of decisive battle. But passes through cultivates true virtue gentleman’s unceasing endeavor, had discovered finally arrives soars to the clouds the city the mystique.
In organizes the hidden immortal Chinese style pavilion and under mystically the leisurely Long Xuan support, various schools cultivate true virtue the gentleman to start to turn toward the day city to embark, in here, they will not only see that executes the immortal ancient sword the true body, can become the immortal city overlord god of under the antiquity help.

City gate
Territorial War System 1_0310
Soars to the clouds the city to defend a city the side the city to assume the square shape, north south the back celestial mountain, altogether has, east, west three city gates the common people to come in and go out for the city, however regarding war’s in city, the city gate is not only the transport hub, is contends the victory and defeat the strategic point.
Builds the impregnable city, the achievement ambition hegemony, needs various factions to gather the specific mineral (Jin Jingshi and checks stone unreliably), enhances the city the construction. The city garrison construction official place may examine urban in the city the construction situation.

Unreliable light tower
Territorial War System 1_0410

The unreliable light tower is by defends a city Fang Wanjia to pay the ration the specific mineral (“to check stone unreliably” and “Jin Jingshi”) enhances the attack and defense rank the fixed fortress. It to will enter the firing distance scope to attack a city will carry on the automatic attack, simultaneously may also have the formidable strength to attack a city the demolition

City wall

The stern big city wall just likes the critical line which is in sharp contrast, separates strictly the offensive and defensive two sides. Two camp’s heroic chivalrous people then up and down shows special prowess in the city wall, for the glory which perseveres respectively tries hard.
Outside the city wall attacks a city the side to be unable to climb up the city wall (to be possible directly to summon holds up the sword Son of Heaven to put up is similar to scaling ladder’s great sword), only has the steps and ladders which in the city wall inside may supply to climb up. But defends a city Fang Zeke from the city wall to jump directly to the city outside meets head-on the enemy.

In the city symbolized that the construction – executes the immortal sword
Territorial War System 1_0511
Territorial War System 1_0610

A sword tyrant executes the immortal, do three who fight!
Defends a city in the city, – - and “the unreliable cloudy Excalibur” one left one protects in the fable by two antiquity Excalibur “to the positive Excalibur” to soar to the clouds the city life right “to execute the immortal sword”.

The sword in the city, the sword perishes the city to perish.
Conquers “executes the immortal sword”, is in charge soars to the clouds the city, rules the world three!
But when the city gate breaks through, the city talent will appear sword; But “the unreliable cloudy Excalibur” is broken through completely “after the positive Excalibur”, only will then appear defends the side to symbolize that the main construction – - “will execute the immortal sword”.

Attacks side symbol construction – dragon Long Shuangzun
Territorial War System 1_0710

Dragon dragon shallow water difficult even, leaps the cloud nine clouds to ask to revere!
In attacks a city the side in birth, some landmark, the name said that “dragon Long Shuangzun”, the symbol attacks a city the side the life, if defends a city the side strength far strong to attack a city the side, even may counter-attack to attacks the square formation place, “dragon Long Shuangzun” demolishing, then attacks the side to attack a city is defeated immediately.

Defends a city NPC, the leader and imperator (wartime automatic refurbishing)
Territorial War System 1_0811
The leader and imperator are soar to the clouds the city “the indigenous people”, only then first time will attack a city will only then appear.

The day bow god (may purchase)
The day bow god has certain refurbishing momentarily refurbishing in each city gate’s place above city wall, it to will enter its firing distance to attack Fang Wanjia and the stone giant will carry on the automatic attack.
In the war, the expenditure few gold coins then look for in the city Mr. NPC six imperial day to buy the day bow god.
Function NPC:
Doctor – - sells the drugs
The immortal labor – - sells the magic weapon, may carry on the blood to build up and so on operations
The city garrison construction official – - may examine the city garrison construction situation.

Picks star Taiwan, to embrace the platform, to fall rapes
Territorial War System 1_0910
Picks the star, the star according to 8000 heroic feelings;
Embraces the month, the month reflects ten thousand miles beacons;
Falls the cloud, cloud peaceful great-hearted Thangbinh.
The path soars to the clouds the city central city three grand strategy channel is: Picks star Taiwan, to embrace the platform and to fall rapes. Three big channels are connecting three big city gates separately, becomes in war’s pharynx and larynx important place, on the stage high is towering the dignified unreliable light arrow tower.
Embraces the platform located at three center, is attacks the side to march the journey short to flush the place, if occupies falls rapes, enters may attack draws back may defend, about can give dual attention picks the star, to fall cloud two.
But picks star Taiwan located at the flank, to fall rapes, although marches the journey to be farther, after but when attacks a city the side to destroy picks the unreliable light arrow tower which star Taiwan, falls rapes, picks star Taiwan and falls rapes instantly becomes attacks the side the reactivating spot. After attacking the side officers and men died in battle, will be being away from recent one’s own side to reactivate the Taiwan reactivating. Let attack the side to march the time to reduce largely.

Returns to life the tower
Territorial War System 1_1010
Finishes an apprenticeship if Czechoslovakia, the heroic soul has not returned!
Returns to life the tower, attacks a city the side the place of birth and the reactivating place.
Returns to life the tower to construct outside the city in the catwalk, its interior has landmark – dragon Long Shuangzun who the unreliable light tower and attacks the side. Starts after the city war 10 minutes only then open.
In city battlefield chart, main attack faction and auxiliary war ally, if uses returns to the city the technique to be able to transmit to attacks the side birth spot.

Submits the tower
Territorial War System 1_1110

Family country mountains and rivers, blood shed in a righteous cause loyalty also!
Submits the tower, defends a city the side the place of birth and the reactivating place.
Submits the tower by the seal in the city in a catwalk, also only starts after the city war 10 minutes only then opens.
In fight, if defends the side member to use returns to the city the technique, is transmitted to submits the tower.

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Territorial War System
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