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 Battle Ground

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PostSubject: Battle Ground   Battle Ground I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2009 7:20 pm

Battle Ground
Location:Heyang City(194, 138)
24 HRS
Required Level:90 - 104 and 105 - 119
Reward:80 Celestial Base Points +50 points if Ur the MVP ( most kills of the enemy team players ) & 1.5m - 2m Cultivation Points.

Note: You can only participate 10 times everyday.

You'll need to choose between:
Celes Hermitting Loft & Dragon Cabin Team.

--Both Teams will have to Fight Each Others team
--1st team to Break all The Towers of the Opposing team will Win.

5m Cultivation Quest
Starts at 5:45 PM till 6:45 PM Everyday
The Quest will require to break the Last Tower of the Other Team.
So Before you Choose your Team, Check Your Quest 1st. Or Just Drop and retake the Quest until you get The Quest that you want.

For Example:
You already joined the Dragon Cabin Team. and your Quest says you need to destroy the Dragon Cabin Tower.
Just Drop the Quest and Take it Again Until you Get the Quest that says you need to Destroy the Celes-Hermitting Loft's Tower.

Note: The 5m Quest got a Time limit of 30mins.

World Martial Competition
NPC: Marshal Violet Tao-Kuang ( near Zhuxian Ares and The Treasure Diety )
Opens at 7:30 Pm - 9:10 Pm Monday and Tuesday only
--finish the quest Before 9:10pm. the NPC will Disappear after 9:10.

Reward: 11m Cultivation Points for Level 90 - 104 & 18m Cultivation Points for Level 105 - 119

During That time You can repeat the Quest.

* read the Quest 1st before you Choose your Team *

The Quest Will Require you To talk to Either the Celes Hermitting Loft's Doctor or Dragon Cabin Doctor.
After That He Will ask for 10 pcs of Tera Mage Pearl.
You Can Get the Tera Mage Pearl From Breaking the Towers, Killing the mobs or Kill the other Team Players.
Then For the last part of the Quest the doctor will ask you to break the Last tower of the other team.

Note: If you Get the quest and it Says Talk to Dragon Cabin Doctor you must Join the Dragon team or vice-versa.

Additional info.

When Celestial Base Value Reaches that for Heaven General Patrol ( 3k Points)

You can exchange the points for:
--Tiger Might(105)
--Hermitting Paladin(120)
--Martial Guru(135) suit.
For 500 Celestial Base Points & 12pcs of Heaven Crystal pearls ( you can get this from breaking the Last tower of the opposing team. )
For the Supremacy Suit(150) you'll need 1000 celestial Base Points and 12pcs of Heaven Crystal Pearls.

If your Base Value reaches Elite Pole Dragon ( not sure how many points. )
You Can Exchange the Points for:
--Heaven Suit(105 Real Immortal) with 5k Celestial Base Points and 50 pcs of Heaven Crystal pearls.

When Your Celes base value reaches Amita King ( not sure again if how many pts. )
You can exchange Divine General(120 Real Immortal) Deity(135 Real Immortal) Suit with 10k celestial base pts and 50 Heaven Crystal Pearls.

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Battle Ground
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