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 Valuable Golden Elixir [20G]

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PostSubject: Valuable Golden Elixir [20G]   Valuable Golden Elixir [20G] I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 19, 2009 10:59 pm

> 25 Gold
> All levels
> Heyang City
> Any channel

Here's what you have to do:

1. Go to Heyang City. Talk to He Longrao (185, 78).
Get the "Valuable Golden Elixir" quest.
You will receive a special scissor which you will use to cut " Exquisite Grasses"
You'll find those grasses near the Portal to Incense Vale.
Valuable Golden Elixir [20G] Helongrao

2. After receiving the scissor, proceed to the area near the portal to incense vale.
Valuable Golden Elixir [20G] Mapq

3. Search the area for Exquisite Grasses and click on them.
You need to collect 5 Complete Exquisite Grass.
You will get 2 kinds of grasses randomly:

Complete Exquisite Grass
Damaged Exquisite Grass (i still dont know what to do with this so i just sold it to the NPC)

4. There is a time limit for this quest.
The special scissor will last for 20 minutes only, so try to collect and cut grasses as much as you can.
After collecting 5 of the exquisite grasses,
Go back to He Longrao to complete the quest.
You will receive 40 Taichi Elixirs.
Valuable Golden Elixir [20G] Sdjhfw

EXP Reward varies depending on your level

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Valuable Golden Elixir [20G]
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