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 Azure Cloud [Single Target]

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PostSubject: Azure Cloud [Single Target]   Azure Cloud [Single Target] I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 10:42 pm

Azure Cloud [Single Targetting AC Guide][Def Sword Build]

This guide focuses on the following:
-enhanced single target skills' damage
-enhanced Soul Flash
-above average protection
-high damage

-The Skills-
Young Pally
Heavy Atk 2
Vigilance 6 or maxed out depending on whether you want to conserve points or not
Total: 8

Cult 1 Notes
-Maxed out Passive skills.
Azure Cloud [Single Target] Culti1

Cult 2 Notes
-Pure Heart 1 or maxed out.
If the def gears later in the game really go as high as 4 digits based on screenies/videos found in some sites,
maxing out Pure Heart has a great advantage since it's a percentage increase and not an exact number.

Pure Heart @ max level -> Duration: 30 secs Def: +6% CD: 120 secs

-Swift Strike
2 or maxed out depends on your playing style.
Higher level means lower CD and higher chance of removing speed reduc debuffs

-Dawn Sword Grandeur
Immobilization skill. The level depends on your playing style. It is practical to spend skill points
on this since you're forced to get the Heavenly Book point that enhances this skill to acquire
stronger Def Sword points.

-Holy Sword Grandeur
Disabling skill, high chance of reducing your target's MP to 0. Again, this depends on your playing style.
Personally, I'd rather invest my Heaven book points on other stuff than the one that enhances this skill.
Azure Cloud [Single Target] Culti2

Cult 3 Notes
-Maxed out Passive skills.

Fortify (Passive Defense) -> for consideration
-Again, as I've said earlier, if the def gears indeed go up as high as 4 digits, why bother allocating
on a passive buff that gives your character a measly total of +41 def. However, if you are the type of player
wherein every point of defense counts, max this out.
Azure Cloud [Single Target] Culti3

Cult 4 Notes
-Maxed out Grandeur Skills
-Maxed out Soul Flash, 1 hitter.

Frost Shell skill level -> for consideration
-Allocate 3, to unlock the next skill. Why not max it out? Skill description says that the spellcaster can't
attack or move. However, the usage of skills is not clearly stated.

-I honestly have no idea if this is going to be effective or not. The skill description is awesome though.
Azure Cloud [Single Target] Culti4

Cult 5 Notes
-Maxed out Crit Rate+ Buff, no further explanation needed.
-Get whatever skills you want, you'll be needing them in order to continously cast in combat since the
AC's best skill has a 90 sec CD.
Azure Cloud [Single Target] Culti5

Heavenly Book
Defend Sword Tab -> 21 Karma Points
Azure Cloud [Single Target] Defsword
Karma Points left 48-21 = 27

-Damage, damage, and more damage for your single target attacks.

Restore Vitality Tab
Azure Cloud [Single Target] Restorevitality
-No Congruence aka +hp for every point allocated on passive skills. Why? It looks very good at first, however,if
health points for every character reach as high as 5 digits later in game, +1240HP (+40 hp for each passive point
at lvl 2) is kind of negligible.

-Soul Fortress enhances absorption for the MP shield -> 4 Karma Points Total

-Get Moral Fortitude until Soul Song -> 7 Karma Points Total
Soul Song increases Soul Flash's attack power and greatly enhances the crit damage of Dragon Sword Grandeur

-Get Inner Soul until Berserker Fury -> 12 Karma Points Total
Last ditch attack on damaging your opponents, huge AoE around self.

Total Points Spent on Restore vitality Tab = 23
Karma Points left 27-23 = 4

Things to consider:
-Getting the whole Healing Ward to Heart of Purity line (Can't max out Heart of Purity to 3),5 Karma Points
->increases damage by a percentage after casting buffs
->greatly increase survivability of your character since Buff CD is greatly reduced
->Soul Flash would have a lower CD too

-Getting Swift Blade(reduce single target spells' CD) at the Defend Sword tab, 2 Karma Points.
->continuous casting

-Getting Dispel Knack(increase talisman atk power) at the Defend Sword Tab, 3 Karma Points
->we all know the famous dice talisman. Well, this theoretically increases the talisman skill's
attack power

Additional Notes on the Azure Cloud class
-inefficient botting class unless you got good equipment.
-small base HP is compensated with damage absorbing buffs.
-AoE killing with an AC easily efficiently accomplishes family quests/leveling/leeching/farming
-skill graphics are awesome

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Azure Cloud [Single Target] SkullsigaJule
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Azure Cloud [Single Target]
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